in 2002, I was invited to participate in the 10-year anniversary exhibition of the Marie Walsh Sharpe Space Residency program. The exhibition was scheduled for the Ace Gallery, and with the large spaces available in the gallery, I decided to create a second, more formal version of the piece than the first. eco monopoly ii presents a board room tableau with 22 game squares (for the 22 streets, or in the case of the Japanese game, cities). At one end of a finely crafted table is a silk floor pillow, based on the traditional Japanese zabuton, printed with the Japanese Monopoly™ board and text from the Kyoto Protocol. At the opposite end of the table is a pillow with the American Monopoly™ board game superimposed with President George Bush’s letter to Senators Hagel, Helm, Craig, and Roberts in which he expresses opposition to U.S. participation in the Kyoto Protocol.