Documentation on this page by    Megan Taylor Noe

Documentation on this page by Megan Taylor Noe

At the Commons, I invited public participation to extend work created in the eco monopoly series. I created interactive stations for the public to play games in which they identify impacts of development on neighborhoods, and connect these instances with larger global movements. Using mapping as a conceptual framing of place, players were invited to identify how concepts of house and home embed various understandings of shelter, protection, and refuge; to observe what occurs when green fields turn brown; to describe aspects of development as related to innovation and economic opportunity; and to recognize connections between local and global action.

The Commons Artist Project: Joan Giroux was organized by January Parkos Arnall, Curator of Public Programs with Christy LeMaster, Assistant Curator of Public Programs. It was presented in the MCA’s civically engaged space, the Commons, on the museum’s second floor.

Alongside the installation, many community activities and events were held both in the space and throughout the city, through programs like the Letterbox Challenge as well as Game Nights, Stamp Making Workshops, and Family Day. A special class through Columbia College Chicago was also held in the space throughout the summer.

I’d like to thank Maura Walsh, Amy Leners, Selena Ingram, Mary Kate O’Gara, Kyra Peterson, and Bridget Guise for assistance in fabrication, installation, and facilitating workshops.